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More and more people are choosing to relieve some stress and stay home on Black Friday…or better yet, to get outside and enjoy!

The flurry of activity in malls and department stores on Black Friday has often become synonymous with stress, rage and poor behavior.

Many are opting out this year and choosing to spend the day away from the chaos of Black Friday.

“This November, there is a seismic shift in when and how adults are shopping for holiday gifts,” said George Noceti, a vice president and wealth adviser with Morgan Stanley. “I call it the graying of Black Friday.”

Increased ease of online shipping makes it a less stressful, lucrative choice for a growing number of holiday shoppers. Shopping in pajamas behind on your laptop or tablet while sipping your favorite winter beverage has an appeal that a frenzied shopping mall crowd simply cannot match.

As online shopping becomes easier and more efficient all the time, with discounts that rival or surpass those offered in brick-and-mortar stores, people are choosing to take advantage of e-commerce and are often buying experiences over things, Fosina said.

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Source: Black Friday is fading as people find alternatives