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Trouble Reading the Fine Print? Microsun Can Help!

What is a Microsun?  And why does it rise?

Our unique light is optimized for older eyes. Combining rare earth metals with smart electronics to drive a quartz arc tube, the Microsun bulb takes almost a minute to “rise” to true full spectrum light. Combined with dual SunStyle LEDs, the 7,000 Lumen output of a Microsun outshines eight 60 Watt bulbs.  A MIcrosun is a mini-sun lighting up your home with better, brighter light!

Read without your readers, read longer, put down the magnifying glass and read without fatigue for hours.

It’s not just for reading. Crafting, scale model building, jewelry making, quilting, needlepoint and sewing…anything that requires visual concentration will be easier to do for longer under your Microsun!


Your light is not a reading light.

When Thomas Edison invented the incandescent light bulb, he was replacing a candle.  Considering that “candlepower” is till used as a measurement, it would seem like he did just fine.

As for inventing a true reading lamp, well…that didn’t come until much later when we invented the Microsun lamp.  Reading under a Microsun is more like reading in daylight under the sun, than reading with your regular lamp and bulb, which was designed to replace a candle.


“Readers” aren’t the answer.

While younger eyes don’t have any trouble reading with standard light bulbs, our older eyes yellow over time and need more light in the blue/green spectrum to make up for this yellowing of the corneas.  Microsun brings back all the colors with our true full-spectrum light, optimized for reading.


A Microsun for every decor.

While our most popular light is our Library of Congress collection, modeled after those lamps designed specifically for the Library of Congress reading rooms, we have a lamp to fit any unique style.  SEE THE LAMPS and choose the one that best fits your home or office.


We make it easy.

with our 30-day return policy, you can try a Microsun at home and decide for yourself is your new Microsun is the answer to your eyestrain.  You can even pay for your lamp in installments – call for details. Microsun lamps are always warranted for 2 years, so you can buy with confidence.


Don’t just take our words for it.

See what satisfied Microsun users say about how Microsun light has made a difference…

“I need more light when I do my projects. That sun-like light casting down on your projects…it made the biggest difference. I can see so much better and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!” – Sherry 

“I didn’t get eyestrain, didn’t get the fatigue, and was able to work as long as I wanted.”  – Nora

“I love my lamp and can’t be without it. I have vision problems and it’s the only lamp I can read under!” -Kathleen

“I received my lamp today…and I can finally see to read. Thank you. I love it!” – Carol


Change your light with Microsun.

Change your life when you change your light to Microsun.  You will see the difference…we guarantee it!  If not, then simply call us to return the lamp for a refund.

We have many lamp styles to choose from, all with the same incredible Microsun light.  Choose from floor or table lamps, swing arms or standing lamps,  Amish hardwood or contemporary…whatever style best fits your home or office.

When you purchase your lamp, use promo code READ519 to SAVE 25%* off any regularly priced lamp.  SHOP NOW

As always, if you have questions or wish to order by phone, call us at 937-552-2424
We love to talk about our light!



*Promo code READ519 valid on regularly priced lamps. No other promos or discounts apply. 







Regency Lamps. Find out what you’re missing…

Solid Brass.  The look and feel of solid brass sets a tone of quality, sophistication and tradition.

Compared to many of today’s mass-produced, poor-quality lamps, a solid brass lamp stands apart and becomes a statement piece in any room.

Quality Solid Brass is just not as readily available today as it once was, and the prices of solid brass lamps can be exorbitant.  After working out a deal to bring additional Solid Brass Regency Ivory lamps to our warehouse in Dayton, Ohio, we have accumulated quite a supply of these lamps and want to take this opportunity to share our overstock with you at incredibly low prices.

This week only, buy your Microsun Solid Brass Regency Ivory Table Lamp for only $275 delivered* with promo code 275REG

Quality Light. When you buy a Microsun Regency Ivory lamp, not only are you getting the incredible quality of a solid brass lamp, but also the amazing one-of-a-kind 8x brighter light that is only found in Microsun lamps.

Microsun has a history of over 20 years as a leader in the lighting industry, and one of the only ones focused on providing the best reading light for your eyes.

Did you know that as we age, we need much more light to see as well as we did when we were teenagers?  As our eyes age, our lenses become cloudy and begin to yellow, which means that we need lighting enhanced to meet out specific needs.

Microsun light is enhanced to help you once again truly see the full-color spectrum with light that has been engineered to help bring back those colors that we no longer see as well due to our aging eyes.

You will be able to do what you love for longer under Microsun’s better, brighter light.

Solid Brass.Quality Light.  Microsun’s Regency Solid Brass Ivory table lamp is the perfect example of Quality Style meets Quality Lighting. The solid brass design is extraordinary. Paired with Microsun lighting technology, the Regency Ivory table lamp is the light…and the lamp…you have been missing.

With special pricing now through Friday 3/22/19, you can get your Regency Ivory lamp home for just $275* with promo code 275REG…while they last!  

You always have a 30-day money-back guarantee and your lamp is under warranty for 2 years, so you can buy from Microsun with confidence.

Learn more about how a Microsun works: HERE

See other lamp styles:  HERE


*Promo code 275REG valid through 3/22/19. No other promos or discounts apply.  Additional s/h to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada.  Call 888-328-8701 for more information.


Headaches at work? Microsun can help.

Do find yourself experiencing tension headaches and eye strain while working at your desk?

Are your eyes tired after going over your household paperwork?

Better lighting can help.

Your workspace may not have the light you need to optimize your productivity, reduce eye strain and tension headaches.

Lighting solutions.

Several factors contribute to your overall light experience, color temperature, brightness, and intensity.  Lighting solutions can include more light, adjusted color temperature lighting and focused lighting on your task at hand.

Many offices are still in the dark, using harsh fluorescent lighting in office spaces which can result in mood changes and decreased productivity.  Often we need more light than what we are using in our work spaces.  When we aren’t getting the light we need, then it can be more difficult to stay focused without tension.  Light that is more naturally attuned towards the colors of the sun can be easier on your eyes…allowing you to work for longer, with less eye strain.

Color temperature is important, and having options to adjust color temperature enable you to fully customize your workspace to suit your lighting needs.  This allows you to find your desired warm or cool color temperature to help your eyes see easier.

Your light needs to be where your eyes are focused or it won’t be as effective. Light directed on your work seems like an obvious solution; and yet, how many people are working without desktop lighting and instead relying on the indirect ceiling lights for office light?  Directly focused light on your paperwork will make a difference you can see!

Microsun has your lighting solutions.

At Microsun, we specialize in lighting solutions for you and your workspace.

For more light, Microsun’s traditional 8x brighter light will give you light modeled after the mid-morning sun engineered to increase clarity and reduce glare.  With three light levels, you’ll chose from ambient room lighting to high-output light focused lighting on your workspace.

See Microsun. High-output lighting solutions.

If you are looking for color temperature control, then Microsun Arc light is for you.  It truly is a desk lamp like no other.  Crafted from one solid piece of aerospace grade aluminum, the Arc is the perfect addition to your desktop workspace.  With fully adjustable color temperature and brightness levels, you can choose the light that works best for you.  The Arc makes a stunning addition to any desk or table and gives your eyes the customized light that works best for you!

See the Arc. Your color temperature lighting solution.

For spaces that require a bit more lighting directed onto your task at hand, the ellypse is the perfect any space lamp. With a tiny footprint, the ellypse will have an epic impact on your desk or table top.  Easy to operate capacitive touch technology gives you light, at the touch of your fingertips.  Four light levels enable you to adjust your brightness levels to find the one for you.  This lamp is light and portable, so you can even take your light on the go!

See the ellypse. Your direct lighting solution.

Ready to reduce tension and eye strain?  Microsun has your office and workspace lighting solutions.  If you wish to learn more by phone, give us a call (937-552-2424)…we love to talk about our light!






Why Microsun Light is the Best Light for You

 Watch the History of Light video above to learn more about Microsun light.


The World’s Best Reading Lamps


Microsun Power 7000 Lumens for 90 watts.  More power than eight (8) 60 watt light bulbs.

SunStyle LEDs produce light 5 times more efficiently than standard bulbs.

Electronic Driver optimizes contrast and color rendition.

Rocker Switches to adjust light sources for three levels of illumination.

Microsun’s patented lamps produce a quality of illumination almost as natural feeling as the sun itself.  Whether you’re sewing, quilting, reading a newspaper or your favorite novel, you can enjoy vibrant and natural light all day long, all year long.

I don’t even use my overhead lights anymore! – Pat M. Brooklyn, NY

The impact of a Microsun lamp will simply transcend any expectation you’ve ever head for lighting quality.  Instead of settling for weak light to save energy, you can now choose an efficient lamp that delivers the vibrant quality of natural light that your eyes crave.

The Microsun light source is an energy efficient, electronically controlled system that generates 7,000 lumens of natural light. By comparison that’s more light than eight (8) 60 watt light bulbs!

It was like sunshine just poured into my house. – Peter W. Welches, OR

When you buy a Microsun lamp, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Select a lamp style that will enhance your work or home environment, save energy, and do what you love for longer…under better, brighter Microsun light!

Microsun has over 100 different lamps styles and variations to fit any decor, all with the brilliant Microsun patented 8x brighter lighting system.

Originally customized for the Library of Congress, our brass and faux leather design is our best selling desk lamp.  Shown in black, the lamp is also available in brown faux leather or aged cherry hardwood.

Check out all of our lamp styles to find the one that best fits your needs!


Introducing the Microsun Simple Smart Bulb Set

The No fuss, No muss, simple smart bulb that allows you to turn on two lights, dim them, all from a wireless simple remote. No complicated set up, no hubs, wi-fi, bluetooth, batteries, phone, internet required. Turn any two lamps into a remote controlled lamps- or- in a two bulb fixture like the Microsun lamp- control brightness and turn the auxiliary sockets on and off.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

SAD is correlated to a lack of exposure to sunlight. It is common during winter months, and is often called “the winter blues” in less severe cases. People who live in geographic regions without a lot of sunlight are also prone to develop SAD.

Given that symptoms of the disorder result from sunlight deprivation, many treatments for SAD include light therapy. There are various methods for conducting light therapy, but fighting off winter depression can be as easy as changes to a home’s lighting.

What SAD is
According to The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, SAD is a mood disorder characterized by depression that correlates to a certain time of year. In most cases, the related season is winter.

“However, SAD is often not described as a separate mood disorder but as a ‘specifier,’ referring to the seasonal pattern of major depressive episodes that can occur within major depression and manic depression,” the Wexner Medical Center stated.

Sunlight deprivation affects chemicals in the brain that are released to regulate positive emotions. Without enough light, those chemicals are not as active.

There are two types of SAD. Spring-onset SAD occurs in late spring/early summer, and fall-onset begins in late fall/early winter. Symptoms include irritability, fatigue, low concentration, low sex drive, more daytime drowsiness and increased sleep, trouble thinking clearly and an increase in appetite.

Onset is more common in adulthood, and women have more risk than men, as they are four times more likely to have the disorder.

It is fairly common in the U.S. and around the world. Nationally, anywhere between 10 and 20 percent of the population has the winter blues and 5 percent have a more serious case.

Various treatments options exist. Antidepressant medication and psychotherapy are available choices. Others are natural, such as exercise and light exposure.

Light therapy
Exposure to ambient light is often used as a treatment for SAD.

The goal of light therapy is to deliver light to the retina, which has cells that connect to the hypothalamus, according to Harvard Health Publications. It is the job of the hypothalamus to aid with regulation of the body’s circadian rhythm. Exciting activity in the hypothalamus restores balance to a person’s rhythms and corrects the effects of SAD.

During the winter months, there is a lot of overcast weather. Sometimes, the sun is not visible for days. Additionally, some people are located in places that do not receive a lot of sunlight during certain times in the year. Due to the planet’s rotation and axis, the sun takes a shorter trip across the sky and does not break the horizon.

Light therapy makes up for ultraviolet exposure deficiencies by delivering large amounts of illumination through a light box.

“These boxes provide 10,000 lux (“lux” is a measure of light intensity),” stated Michael Craig Miller, senior editor, Mental Health Publishing, Harvard Health Publications. “That’s about 100 times brighter than usual indoor lighting; a bright sunny day is 50,000 lux or more. You need to have your eyes open, but don’t look at the light. Many people use the time to read a newspaper, book, or magazine, or catch up on work.”

Even though light therapy is a leading treatment for SAD, it is not appropriate for everyone, as bright light can have adverse effects on some people. Researchers, however, are working on new methods such as the use of sunlight dimming and blue light to provide options for all patients.

Innovative light treatments
Given the prevalence of SAD, many people have found innovative ways to incorporate light therapy into various settings.

King 5 News reports that a bar in Portland, Ore., Lightbar, has incorporated the use of color-changing LEDs to provide light therapy to patrons while they sip a cocktail or a coffee. There is a wall of colored LEDs and visitors can check out different lights to see what works best for them. The owner, Alex Carson, responded to a demand for some kind of bright alternative to the low levels of sunlight during Portland’s winters.

In Norway, two designers, Lisa Pacini and Christine Istad, have created a sculpture called “Traveling Sun.” It is a disc with a 3 meter diameter and color-changing LEDs. The lights blend together to mimic the many hues of the sun and deliver mobile light therapy to Norwegian towns. It travels on a truck or boat, and at times it is even secured to the side of a building. The nation’s geographic location causes severe sunlight deficiencies during winter, but Pacini and Istad put their creative minds together to bring out the sun at any time.

According to Gizmodo, some hospitals have begun incorporating light therapy in their intensive care patients’ rooms. Lighting is installed to mimic daylight and display media. The result is less stress for patients in the ICU, which reduces the chance of a patient slipping into shock.

Choosing the best light
The short of all this information is that the best light for combating SAD is light that closely mirrors natural ambient light.

All light has a color temperature. Higher color temperatures have cool, white light that is closer to sunlight. Lower color temperatures have warmer, yellow light. People who are experiencing symptoms of the winter blues or SAD can lean more toward lighting with higher color temperatures if they are looking to get some light therapy at home without renting a light box.

Ceramic metal halide and LED lighting provide the most color temperature options among illumination sources.

As mentioned earlier, blue light is also seeing a lot of use for combating weather-related depression. According to The Huffington Post, the installation of blue light on train platforms in Japan was beneficial for lowering the number of suicides at train stations. During a period of overcast and stormy weather, rates had increased because of the absence of sunlight. Researchers who studied the trend suggested that exposure to blue or bright white light would aid in improving the mood of commuters.

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