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Why Microsun Light is the Best Light for You

 Watch the History of Light video above to learn more about Microsun light.


The World’s Best Reading Lamps


Microsun Power 7000 Lumens for 90 watts.  More power than eight (8) 60 watt light bulbs.

SunStyle LEDs produce light 5 times more efficiently than standard bulbs.

Electronic Driver optimizes contrast and color rendition.

Rocker Switches to adjust light sources for three levels of illumination.

Microsun’s patented lamps produce a quality of illumination almost as natural feeling as the sun itself.  Whether you’re sewing, quilting, reading a newspaper or your favorite novel, you can enjoy vibrant and natural light all day long, all year long.

I don’t even use my overhead lights anymore! – Pat M. Brooklyn, NY

The impact of a Microsun lamp will simply transcend any expectation you’ve ever head for lighting quality.  Instead of settling for weak light to save energy, you can now choose an efficient lamp that delivers the vibrant quality of natural light that your eyes crave.

The Microsun light source is an energy efficient, electronically controlled system that generates 7,000 lumens of natural light. By comparison that’s more light than eight (8) 60 watt light bulbs!

It was like sunshine just poured into my house. – Peter W. Welches, OR

When you buy a Microsun lamp, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Select a lamp style that will enhance your work or home environment, save energy, and do what you love for longer…under better, brighter Microsun light!

Microsun has over 100 different lamps styles and variations to fit any decor, all with the brilliant Microsun patented 8x brighter lighting system.

Originally customized for the Library of Congress, our brass and faux leather design is our best selling desk lamp.  Shown in black, the lamp is also available in brown faux leather or aged cherry hardwood.

Check out all of our lamp styles to find the one that best fits your needs!


Dr. Heath Gilbert, Optometrist, Evaluates Microsun Light

Dr. Heath Gilbert is an Optometrist in Dayton, Ohio who graduated with his Doctorate in Optometry from The Ohio State University and currently practices at the Dayton Optometric Center.  He served as president of The Ohio Optometric  Association and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometrists (F.A.A.O.).

As we age, it is inevitable that we will experience some level of vision loss.  As an optometrist, Dr. Gilbert is very aware of the issues associated with those of us who live with vision loss. He has a Microsun lamp in his low-vision rehabilitation practice and sees his patients benefit from Microsun.  According to Dr. Gilbert, most patients who read an eye chart under a Microsun lamp  can see 1-2 lines beneath where they typically read with standard light. He also notes that people are better able to read even poorly printed materials like magazines, etc. under the clarity of Microsun light.

Watch the video above to hear Dr. Gilbert talk about age-related vision loss and Microsun light.  You can see the difference that 8x better, brighter light will make in your own home or office.  Like Dr. Gilbert’s patients, you will also enjoy the benefit of improved quality of life when you choose a Microsun lamp.

The lamp shown in the video is a  Microsun Solis with swing arm extended, allowing brilliant Microsun light to be directed downward towards your paper, book, etc. for optimal lighting efficiency.

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Quilt happy with a better light

Nora McFarlane is a long arm quilter and fabric artist who couldn’t work without her Microsun Lamp. She’s used an Ottlite in the past, but now wouldn’t work without her Microsun lamp. She has two Microsun lamps in her studio, where she invited us to film. We met her through the Paducah Quilt Show where she wowed people with her innovative and beautiful works of art.

If you are involved in quilting, fabric painting, long arm quilting and you are looking for a way to reduce eye strain, get better color rendition and be able to thread a needle without a pair of readers, you will be much happier with a Microsun lamp. The Solis is one of our most popular lights for quilters, with a swing arm to help bring the light right over your work surface. The heavy base, makes sure that the lamp will not tip over. While an Ottlite may seem like a good choice, with it’s “flexible” arm, you’d need 8 Ottlites to equal the output of a single Microsun.

Watch Nora compare the Microsun lamp to the Ottlite in this video

When it comes to any kind of crafting, Microsun will help you enjoy what you love for longer.


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Don’t tattoo in the dark. Get a Microsun

Brian Brenner, owner of Truth and Triumph Tattoo in Dayton Ohio has been tattooing for a couple of decades. When you are spending hours focusing on your art, being able to see without strain is critical. After he tried the Microsun Solis task lamp, with its long swing arm, he was hooked. It’s not so much as what he sees when he’s using it, but now, when he works without it- he misses it. Now he wouldn’t work without it.

He has the optional black shade on his, you can add your own stickers. If you don’t believe Brian, try it for yourself, risk free for 30 days.

The true full spectrum light of the Microsun lamp will be like working in sunshine.


Pottery painting is easier with a Microsun lamp

At Creative Cottage Ceramics in Dayton Ohio, the serious ceramic artists gather around the Microsun Solis crafting lamp to do their painting. Its true full spectrum light eases eye strain and allows people like Sherry Kurtz to work longer and enjoy her craft.

Sherry has been painting greenware for over thirty years. Her goal is to paint her projects to look as close to real as possible. She uses a lot of dry brush technique to bring out the details and create that faux fantastic feel to her projects.

She’s using a Microsun Solis with its swing arm extended over her workspace.


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Light and the Incredible Art of Cross-Stitching: Award-winning cross-stitch artist Susan Rhein on Microsun Lamps

Light and the Incredible Art of Cross-Stitching: Award-winning cross-stitch artist Susan Rhein on Microsun Lamps

Susan Rhein of Albuquerque, NM is an award-winning cross stitch artist. Rhein works ten or more hours a day to create breathtaking pieces of cross-stitch art which are admired across the country. The life of a cross stitch artist takes its toll, however, and doing so much detailed work each day used to lead to Rhein experiencing eye strain and fatigue. To help reduce these symptoms, Rhein began to research and purchase lamps designed specifically for those who need to do this type of close work.

Artist Susan Rhein with one of her original creations, "Sea Sprite."

Artist Susan Rhein with one of her original creations, “Sea Sprite.”

“Over many years, I have tried various lamps,” Rhein says. “I’ve tried a lot of specialty lamps out there that market themselves for people like felters or stitchers; anybody that uses their eyes significantly for that reason.” But none of those lamps reduced her eye strain or improved color contrast or depth perception, even when she used multiple lamps.

Rhein had nearly given up hope when she read an ad in a magazine about Microsun Lamps. As soon as the lamp arrived and she switched it on, she said that the difference between her Microsun Lamp and the other lamps she had purchased was “night and day.” “It was much easier on my eyes,” she said, “There really is nothing else out there that comes even close to the value that I put in my Microsun lamps.”

“Now I start and end my day with the Microsun lamp,” Rhein says. “I have four Microsun lamps now. I’m inclined to use two at a time, one at each end of my work table. Working without my Microsun lamps now would be like working without my glasses. I just could not do what I need to do without Microsun lamps.”

Because Rhein relies so much on her vision to create her award-winning pieces, she recommends that anyone who cares about their vision invest in a Microsun lamp.  “I don’t care what age they are,” she says. “I wish the whole world knew about the value of what good light can do in saving your eyes and reducing eye strain over the decades. If Microsun was around forty years ago, and if I knew about it, I would like to think that my eyes would have aged a little bit differently. If people knew about the value of this kind of light and what it means long-term to eye care, all parents would run out and buy a Microsun lamp for their kids… and for themselves.”

"Armada" a piece by Susan Rhein.

“Armada” a Susan Rhein creation.

Even Rhein’s friends have fallen in love with Microsun Lamps. “One of my friends is a quilter,” Rhein says. “I told her about Microsun, and the first time she set up her Microsun lamp she put it in the living room just as it was starting to get dark outside. She went into the kitchen for a few minutes to start dinner and when she walked back into the living room where the Microsun lamp was on she said, ‘I could swear it was daytime!’ She was easy to convince and buy another Microsun lamp.”

Today, Rhein can continue her incredibly detailed artistry due to the light she relies on from her four Microsun lamps. “I just cannot say enough about the value of the best light I’ve seen in my life,” Rhein says. “I’ve been looking for the best, and I’ve found it.”