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The Simple Smart Bulbs


Set of 2 Simple Smart LED bulbs with wireless remote.

These LED Simple Smart bulbs can be used in the side sockets of your Microsun lamp as well as in your other household standard lamp sockets.

With this Microsun remote LED bulb set, you control the three levels of brightness and color temperature of your bulbs with a click of a button.

The Microsun remote Simple Smart bulb set allows you to choose the light to best meet your needs with a system that will never require batteries, or linking to your cellphone or home computer network.

Bulbs typically ship within 2 business days of order.



Product Features:

• Multi-function remote is powered by kinetic energy – will never require a battery

• Long wireless range – control your lights from almost anywhere in your house

• Preset Remote Profiles – Bright, Relaxed, Night Light

• Simple Installation: Screw in new bulbs, turn on power, wireless control. Phone, internet, and router not required

• Freedom of placement for remote: On the wall near your door, on your table next to you, or on a lanyard with you

• Expandable: Bulbs can be easily paired to new remotes, and remotes can be paired to new bulbs. One remote can control many bulbs.