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I am a school teacher and grade papers at night; I could not live without my microsun lamps.

Judith EWinter Springs, FL

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Alan Lewis, OD PhD

Alan Lewis, O.D., PhD, is the retired President of the New England College of Optometry and an international authority on light and vision. We asked him to comment on testimonials from actual users of Microsun Lamps.

Ambient Lighting

Dr. Lewis: “Television Screens and computer monitors have influenced the way we approach ambient lighting.

We now recommend ambient and wall brightness that is at least 30% of the brightness of a computer screen or laptop. Additionally, overhead lights in the field of view, or reflecting from the screen can cause discomfort and fatigue.

Because Microsun lamps can easily be positioned so they do not produce direct glare, while still producing the needed illumination, they can provide a more user friendly atmosphere for watching television or working on a computer.”

Vision and Aging

Dr. Lewis: After the age of 40, most people experience difficulty with vision. We have trouble focusing close up (presbyopia) and, because the eye becomes less transparent, even in-focus objects appear to have less contrast. Furthermore, due to the yellowing of the eye’s crystalline lens, blue and blue green colors are reduced in intensity. Because the Microsun lamp produces more light in the blue and blue green part of the spectrum, we should experience enhanced perception of cool colors.”


Dr. Lewis:  We require more light because of the loss of the eye's transparency and a reduction in the size of the pupil. Yet we're more sensitive to direct glare. Microsun lamps can improve light levels in the room without increasing glare.

Better Light in Better Lamps

The Microsun Solution

The Quantity of Light We Need

Since we need more light and we wanted a more efficient light source, the Microsun system was designed to deliver up to six (6) times more light than ordinary light bulbs, enabling us to once again experience the full sensation of sight.

A Microsun lamp wakes up receptors in the brain — the atmosphere in our homes undergoes a “magical transformation” from dim and dimmer to vibrant and bright.

The Quality of Light We Need

It should make sense that our eyes need a different “diet” of light as we’ve grown older. There are scientific reasons why Microsun delivers extremely precise wavelengths...not only do we need dramatically more light, but we need that light in specific wavelengths to compensate for vision loss.

Microsun fills in the gaps that result from our eyes filtering select wavelengths as we get older.




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