Microsun 2013 Sun Collection

The 2013 Sun Collection is our most recent line of beautiful Microsun Lamps.


Our Classic Mission Hardwood Table Lamp

Mission is a theme inspired by Spanish influences on Western architecture. The steeped base complements the pyramid linen shade.…

Patented Technology

Our patented Microsun lighting system combines full spectrum rare earth metals powered by an electronic processor that controls current to the light source…

A Better Light Source

Not only do Microsun lamps give you 5 TIMES more light per watt, but the visible light produced is exactly the correct distribution of spectral energy required for middle aged vision.…

A Better Light Source

Microsun Lamps Patented Technology

Microsun Gear PackPatented Lighting Technology to Enhance your Home’s Environment

It should be obvious by now that a middle age adult needs three times MORE LIGHT than a teenager. But our homes seem dimmer than ever!

This is because we are trying to save energy with an ever more CONFUSING array of screw in devices and bulbs (mainly CFL and LED). However, the end result of these “retrofits” is a substantially LOWER level of light than we had before!


  • The eye’s crystalline lens yellows with age. As we grow older, we need more more blue green spectral energy to compensate for this effect.
  • The eye’s pupil size gets smaller as it ages so we need MORE LIGHT, but we want LESS GLARE.
  • Over time, the eye will suffer a loss of transparency in the pupil AND the lens.

Our Microsun lamps guarantee you more light and higher light quality.