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Kind words …

I am a school teacher and grade papers at night; I could not live without my microsun lamps.

Judith EWinter Springs, FL

The Science of Vision

Our patented Microsun lighting system combines full spectrum rare earth metals powered by an electronic processor that controls current to the light source, giving you:

  • Four times more light with less energy
  • Vivid contrast attenuated to the eyesight of an adult
  • Spectacular rendition of color
  • TEN TIMES longer bulb life

About Microsun Lamps

* 68 watt Microsun gives the light output of 375 incandescent watts.

** A separate switch activates (2) Halogen, CFL or LED light bulbs for a low level of ambient light when that is required. The low level bulbs may also be used when the Microsun bulb is on, giving you more light. Each lamp comes with a Microsun bulb and (2) low watt bulbs.


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