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Microsun. Better. Brighter. Light.

Quality, high powered lamps engineered specifically for your eyes.
If you're over 50, you need more light. You need Microsun!

Microsun. Innovative. Proven. Technology.

The first Microsun lamps were installed in the Library of Congress reading rooms in 1995. Since then, over 100,000 lamps have been purchased by satisfied consumers across North America.

The Microsun Experience

Learn about the proprietary technology that makes a Microsun Lamp so much better than the average light source. Questions? Visit our FAQ Page for quick answers to common questions. Need more Help? Speak to a live representative via Web Chat or call toll free: (888) 328-8701.

The light that rises.

Get the same lighting with one Microsun as you would with 8 conventional bulbs.

Microsun TV

Watch videos about the people who use Microsun Lamps, as well as new products and tips to get the most out of your lamp.

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Our Bestselling Lamps

Browse the lamps that resonate the most with our customers’ sensibilities.

New from Microsun.


the ultimate crafting lamp.

With over 7000 lumens of true full-spectrum light, a long swing arm, weighted base, pebbled finish, and premium shade, Solis is the lamp for sewing rooms, craft tables, and workbenches.


a desk light like no other.

Machined out of a solid piece of aerospace grade aluminum, this ultra-thin LED light is the only one of its kind to have fully adjustable color temperature and light levels up to 1100 Lumen (75 Watt equivalent) while using only 14 watts.

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