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Lighting Up Your Craft…

Special Pricing on Microsun Craft Lighting:
20% off plus FREE SHIPPING* through October 31, 2020…

Can you believe that it’s almost the middle of October already?

Autumn days are here, and many of us are spending more time inside.

During those chilly evenings, you’re likely finding extra time to spend lost in your favorite hobby.

Whether you enjoy puzzles, sewing, knitting, quilting, reading or any other hobby that requires more light, Microsun has the light for you!

Did you know that Microsun has light specifically designed for you and your hobbies?

Bright, clean and clear light – the perfect color temperature to enhance your projects – for all of your hobbies tasks that require the best lighting.

Microsun light is up to 10x brighter than your standard lamp, specifically designed to increase clarity and reduce. You’ll enjoy your favorite hobbies for longer under Microsun light – Your eyes will thank you!

When you need more light, you need Microsun, and our extended Craft Lighting Family offers the perfect light for your hobby.

Choose from floor or table lamps with swing-arms, portable lamps or LED lighting Control your light – aim it directly over your book, puzzle or project to light it up!

You’ve heard about Microsun, and know that we offer better, brighter light…now is the time for you to give your eyes what they’ve been waiting for…

Microsun Craft Light

Promo Code TASK20


The ultimate Swing Arm Table Lamp is perfect for readers, puzzlers, quilters, etc.

With a solid, streamlined base and pebbled finish match any decor, picture the Solis on your crafting, beside or sofa table.

Craft Light $316 + FREE SHIPPING*
Promo Code TASK20

See the Solis


The Artisun Craft Swing Arm Floor Lamp is THE extended swing arm floor lamp for hobbyists.

Featuring a hand-crafted artisan sunbase and extended 11″ swing arm with your choice of shade in premium linen or black hardback.

Craft Light $436 + FREE SHIPPING*
Promo Code TASK20

See the Artisun


Sew Light. So Light.

The solyte is an exceptional all-LED task and desk light, perfect for illuminating your most important projects.

With 5 light levels and a flexible, rotational light arm, the solyte directs light exactly where you need it.

sōlyte $128 + FREE SHIPPING*
Promo Code TASK20

See the sōlyte

Questions? Prefer to order by phone?

Give us a call…we love to talk about our light!


*Free shipping to contiguous 48 US States only. No other sales, promos or discounts apply. Valid through 10/31/20. New orders only.

The Barrister

Your New Executive Desk Lamp

Are you looking for the perfect desk lamp for your home or office?

If you are over 50, then you should be.

Eye Strain? Fatigue? Tension? Headaches? Bleary Eyes?

Eliminate these common symptoms from lack of proper lighting with Microsun light.

The Barrister includes our long-lasting 10x brighter lighting system that gives you over 10 times more light than your standard lamp – crisp, clean, bright, white light with reduced glare and a 90+ CRI (Color Rendition Index).

“My eyes are not what they used to be. I need plenty of light without glare. This is the perfect solution & the light is positively gorgeous!”

Susan in NY

Why Choose the Barrister?

The Barrister Executive Desk Lamp features Microsun’s premier 10x brighter lighting system producing over 8,000 Lumens of clean, bright, crisp daylight in your home or office.

Topped with a large black A-shaped shade, all of the glare-free light is directed onto your desktop to illuminate your paperwork and make the words easier for you to read.

The Microsun system includes the proprietary Microsun bulb and two (2) SunStyle auxiliary bulbs. With two separate power switches, you can chose between three (3) different light levels -from soothing ambient light to the 10x brighter light to enhance eye health.

The traditional styling and mixed media of brass castings contrasted with the hand-rolled black faux leather column is modeled after the lamps we designed exclusively for the Library of Congress reading rooms.

With brilliant 10x brighter light and stunning quality design, The Barrister is the perfect addition to any office or desk space.

As Seen in the Dayton Bar Briefs Magazine

As a local Dayton, Ohio company, Microsun supports our local area by advertising in local publications like NPR and the magazine of the Dayton Bar Association, Dayton Bar Briefs.

If you are local to the Dayton area or are planning to pass through, please stop by to visit our showroom. The local showroom is open from 10am until 4pm, Monday through Friday. Extended hours available by appointment – call 937-552-2424.

Give us a call, we love to talk about our light!

Your Exclusive Offer

For taking the time to read about The Barrister Executive Desk Lamp, we are offering you FREE SHIPPING (a $39 value) when you purchase your new Microsun lamp.

Use promo code BARRISTER for free shipping*.

You always have a 30-day money-back guarantee and your lamp is warranted for 2 years, so you can buy with confidence!

What are you waiting for?

CLICK HERE to purchase your new Barrister. Your eyes will thank you for giving them the light they need!

*Promo Code BARRISTER valid for Free Shipping through 12/31/19. No other promos or discounts apply. Free shipping to contiguous US states only.

Winter is coming…

Are you ready?

Perhaps the title is a bit over the top, but it is true that as August winds down, we are well on our way to Fall…which means that winter is right around the corner.

During the summer months, we get used to the bright sunlight that warms us on outdoor afternoons and fills our homes with light for long hours during days spent indoors.

Make the most of these gorgeous last days of summer, but make sure you’re prepared for long nights at home…they will be here before you know it!

Did you know that your lighting needs change with the seasons?

They do. We get ready for changes in temperature with our wardrobes, decorations and household preperation, but we often overlook the very thing that makes it easier for us to do all of those things – Light!

In the summer months, natural sunlight fills out homes with light. But as days shorten and nights lengthen, there is less of that sunlight around. Which is why it is vital to your eye health to have the best light available for you to enjoy your evenings at home with a good book, a puzzle or your latest sewing project.

Good News – Microsun has the light you need…

Think about your favorite things to do when spending chilly fall evenings indoors. Now imagine being able to enjoy your hobbies for longer with less eye strain under better light. Microsun can make that happen for you.

“I didn’t get eye strain, didn’t get the fatigue, and was able to work as long as I wanted.”

– Nora in Ohio

Microsun light is an energy-efficient light that is 8x brighter than your standard lamp – clear, clean bright, full-spectrum light that is easy on your eyes. Illuminate your projects, give your eyes a break and do what you love for longer under Microsun light.

Find your best light…

Choose from over one hundred different styles of traditional lamps with Microsun 8x brighter technology or our new line of LED lighting solutions for any space in your home or office.

Learn more about Microsun Technology HERE.

Find your light and SAVE 20%*
when you buy any lamp with promo code
20LIGHT today! SHOP NOW!

Light. For Every Activity.

What’s your favorite thing to do? Microsun has light for that.

Are you a reader?  Do you enjoy losing yourself in your favorite novel or spend your evening catching up on the news of the day?  Then Microsun reading lamps are for you.  Microsun’s reading lamps give you 8x brighter light in a warm color temperature perfect for reading black text on white paper.

Some of the first Microsun lamps were built for the Library of Congress, and that collection continues to be a best seller.  You can also choose from many different looks, including more contemporary styles.  SEE THE LAMPS.

Do you sew or do other needlework?  Are your favorite hobbies taxing on your eyes?  Is color matching important to you? Then Microsun task lighting is the light that you need.  With over 8000 Lumens of bright, clear light, you will get 10x more light than you standard lamp with Microsun task light.

The robust Solis features a stunning finish in pebbled neutral colors, befitting your hobby room or studio. With the 10″ extended swing arm, the Solis allows you to direct the Microsun light to your task at hand, allowing you to see easier and to do what you love for longer!  SEE THE SOLIS.

Are you looking for a little extra light for your desk or small space? Then you will love Microsun’s “anyspace” lamps!  These sleek lights add a modern touch to any space in your home.  From desk tops to kitchen counters to night stands to dressers, the Arc and ellypse add a pop of color and light to any space in your home or office.

Machined from one solid piece of ultra thin aerospace-grade aluminum, Arc has an LED lighting system with fully adjustable color temperature and brightness.  The back-lit control includes three convenient customized preset levels for optimal relaxation, reading and nighttime light.

The ellypse has a tiny footprint and an epic impact!  Four light levels powered by capacitive touch technology puts light at the touch of your fingertips.


What do you plan to do under your Microsun?

Whether you are reading, preparing documents, enjoying your favorite hobby or just looking for light for anyspace in your home, Microsun has the light for you.

For taking the time to read about the different light for all of your activities, we are offing a special promo code for 25% OFF any regularly priced lamp.  Simply use the promo code ACTIVITY when you check out. If you have questions or would prefer to order over the phone, please feel free to call.


Give us a call – we love to talk about our light! 
SAVE 25% with Promo Code ACTIVITY

Trouble Reading the Fine Print? Microsun Can Help!

What is a Microsun?  And why does it rise?

Our unique light is optimized for older eyes. Combining rare earth metals with smart electronics to drive a quartz arc tube, the Microsun bulb takes almost a minute to “rise” to true full spectrum light. Combined with dual SunStyle LEDs, the 7,000 Lumen output of a Microsun outshines eight 60 Watt bulbs.  A MIcrosun is a mini-sun lighting up your home with better, brighter light!

Read without your readers, read longer, put down the magnifying glass and read without fatigue for hours.

It’s not just for reading. Crafting, scale model building, jewelry making, quilting, needlepoint and sewing…anything that requires visual concentration will be easier to do for longer under your Microsun!


Your light is not a reading light.

When Thomas Edison invented the incandescent light bulb, he was replacing a candle.  Considering that “candlepower” is till used as a measurement, it would seem like he did just fine.

As for inventing a true reading lamp, well…that didn’t come until much later when we invented the Microsun lamp.  Reading under a Microsun is more like reading in daylight under the sun, than reading with your regular lamp and bulb, which was designed to replace a candle.


“Readers” aren’t the answer.

While younger eyes don’t have any trouble reading with standard light bulbs, our older eyes yellow over time and need more light in the blue/green spectrum to make up for this yellowing of the corneas.  Microsun brings back all the colors with our true full-spectrum light, optimized for reading.


A Microsun for every decor.

While our most popular light is our Library of Congress collection, modeled after those lamps designed specifically for the Library of Congress reading rooms, we have a lamp to fit any unique style.  SEE THE LAMPS and choose the one that best fits your home or office.


We make it easy.

with our 30-day return policy, you can try a Microsun at home and decide for yourself is your new Microsun is the answer to your eyestrain.  You can even pay for your lamp in installments – call for details. Microsun lamps are always warranted for 2 years, so you can buy with confidence.


Don’t just take our words for it.

See what satisfied Microsun users say about how Microsun light has made a difference…

“I need more light when I do my projects. That sun-like light casting down on your projects…it made the biggest difference. I can see so much better and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!” – Sherry 

“I didn’t get eyestrain, didn’t get the fatigue, and was able to work as long as I wanted.”  – Nora

“I love my lamp and can’t be without it. I have vision problems and it’s the only lamp I can read under!” -Kathleen

“I received my lamp today…and I can finally see to read. Thank you. I love it!” – Carol


Change your light with Microsun.

Change your life when you change your light to Microsun.  You will see the difference…we guarantee it!  If not, then simply call us to return the lamp for a refund.

We have many lamp styles to choose from, all with the same incredible Microsun light.  Choose from floor or table lamps, swing arms or standing lamps,  Amish hardwood or contemporary…whatever style best fits your home or office.

When you purchase your lamp, use promo code READ519 to SAVE 25%* off any regularly priced lamp.  SHOP NOW

As always, if you have questions or wish to order by phone, call us at 937-552-2424
We love to talk about our light!



*Promo code READ519 valid on regularly priced lamps. No other promos or discounts apply. 







Show Mom She’s the Light of Your World… Mother’s Day and Every Day!

Mother’s Day is Only Days Away…

Are you like most of us and struggling to figure out what gift to get Mom that can possibly convey how much she means to you?  There are so many options to choose from, and yet often miss the mark for that perfect gift for Mom.

Flowers?  Lovely for a few days, and then they fade.

Jewelry?  If she’s like most moms, she knows what she likes and buys it for herself.

Chocolates?  Enjoyable, but not long-lasting or special.

Books?  Keepsakes?  Lovely gift ideas.  Even better…Light that will help her see them better and enjoy them longer!

Looking for the Perfect Gift?

Moms are special people and deserve the best we can give them…after all, they’ve given us more than we possibly imagine over the years.

When it comes to finding the perfect gift, Microsun has you covered.  Your Mom is the light of your world, so why not show her that when you give her the gift of light this Mother’s Day?

When you give Microsun light, you’re not just giving more light, but better, brighter light that will enhance her life and allow her to do what she loves for longer!

“I received my lamp today in the mail….I can finally see to read. I love it!” ~ Carole


A Lamp for Every Mom…

Microsun has lamps for every mom.  From task lighting, to reading lamps to LED anyspace lighting perfect for her desktop.

Does your mom enjoy hobbies that require more light?  The she will love the 10x brighter output of our Craft Light Series of lamps with the perfect clean light to optimize color rendition, enhance clarity and reduce glare.

Our Craft4K floor and Solis table lamps are our most popular Craft Light Swing Arms.  With an extended 11″ swing arm these lamps focus on the task at hand. making them the perfect lamps to light up Mom’s world!


  • Microsun Library of Congress Table Lamp Black Leather

    Library of Congress Table Lamp

    View Product
  • Arc Lamp

    View Product
  • Microsun Solis Crafting Lamp

    Solis – Bisque

    View Product
  • Artisun

    View Product

Is your mom an avid reader?  Did you know that as we age, the lenses of our eyes become more clouded, making it difficult to see as clearly as we once did? Colors tend to lose their vibrancy and the world begins to look more dim.  Microsun light can help mom see more clearly and read like she once did.

Microsun started by inventing the “World’s Best Reading Light” and this light is still the best light around.  If your mom loves to get lost in the another world, but struggles to read due to tension headaches and eye strain, then a Microsun reading lamp is the gift for her.

Library of Congress lamps are our most popular reading lamps, modeled after the lamps designed specifically for the reading rooms of the Library of Congress.

“The lamp and has changed my life. I can read in the evening!” ~Barbara


Maybe your mom needs some light for her desktop workspace.  Take a look at Microsun’s NEW all-LED lamps, sleek and modern, the Arc and ellypse provide extra light for anyspace.

Each Arc and ellypse is engineered from one solid piece of aerospace-grade aluminum and is powered by touch control, giving mom the ability to customize her light with the touch of her fingertips.

“I have an Arc on my desk at work. The Arc gives me the lighting  options I need to make working easier and more enjoyable.  I loved it so much at work that I bought an Arc for home!”  -Liz in Ohio


Get the “Mom Will Love It” Guarantee…

Every lamp from Microsun comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

Always. No questions asked.

If, for any reason, Mom does not love her new light, you can send the lamp back to us for a full refund, less shipping.

So buy your Mom a Microsun with confidence!  She’s going to love it!  *But even if she doesn’t, you’re covered when you buy Microsun!


Ship it for FREE…

Now through Mother’s Day (Sunday May, 12, 2019), your order ships for FREE!

Simply use promo code MD19FS to add FREE SHIPPING* to your order.


We Are Here to Help!

Not sure which lamp you should get for Mom, or are you looking at multiple lamps for the many “Moms” in your life?  Microsun can help. Email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 937-552-2424 – We Love To Talk About Our Light!


*Promo Code MD19FS not valid with other promos. Expires 5/12/19.