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Are you ready?

Perhaps the title is a bit over the top, but it is true that as August winds down, we are well on our way to Fall…which means that winter is right around the corner.

During the summer months, we get used to the bright sunlight that warms us on outdoor afternoons and fills our homes with light for long hours during days spent indoors.

Make the most of these gorgeous last days of summer, but make sure you’re prepared for long nights at home…they will be here before you know it!

Did you know that your lighting needs change with the seasons?

They do. We get ready for changes in temperature with our wardrobes, decorations and household preperation, but we often overlook the very thing that makes it easier for us to do all of those things – Light!

In the summer months, natural sunlight fills out homes with light. But as days shorten and nights lengthen, there is less of that sunlight around. Which is why it is vital to your eye health to have the best light available for you to enjoy your evenings at home with a good book, a puzzle or your latest sewing project.

Good News – Microsun has the light you need…

Think about your favorite things to do when spending chilly fall evenings indoors. Now imagine being able to enjoy your hobbies for longer with less eye strain under better light. Microsun can make that happen for you.

“I didn’t get eye strain, didn’t get the fatigue, and was able to work as long as I wanted.”

– Nora in Ohio

Microsun light is an energy-efficient light that is 8x brighter than your standard lamp – clear, clean bright, full-spectrum light that is easy on your eyes. Illuminate your projects, give your eyes a break and do what you love for longer under Microsun light.

Find your best light…

Choose from over one hundred different styles of traditional lamps with Microsun 8x brighter technology or our new line of LED lighting solutions for any space in your home or office.

Learn more about Microsun Technology HERE.

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