About Microsun Lamps

At Microsun Lamps, we love to hear from our customers. “This product is a godsend,” writes Brent from South Bend, Indiana. “My husband can read again!” writes Darlene Jordan. “It’s the best purchase he’s ever made.”

Why do our lamps inspire so much passion? We are the only company that offers consumers a lighting technology that mimics real sunlight. At the heart of every Microsun lamp is the patented Microsun light system, a Halide-LED module that uses a mere 90 watts of power.

All of our custom lamps use this proprietary, patented lighting system, which pairs a powerful HID light with two LED bulbs to deliver 7,000 lumens of full spectrum light. That makes our lamps over eight times brighter* than a typical lamp. You simply can’t find lamps like ours anywhere else.